dimanche 3 octobre 2010

La loi Jordannienne interdit à un JUIF d'etre citoyen du Royaume


Article 3
Les personnes suivantes peuvent devenir des citoyens Jordaniens
2) Toute personne qui , sans ETRE JUIF, avait la citoyenneté Jordanienne avant le 15 Mai 1948 et etait resident regulier du royaume Hashemite deJordanie du 20 decembre 1949 et le 16 fevrier 1954

"Article 3
The following shall be deemed to be Jordanian nationals:
(1)Any person who has acquired Jordanian nationality or a Jordanian passport under the Jordanian Nationality Law, 1928, as amended, Law No. 6 of 1954 or this Law;
(2)Any person who, not being Jewish, possessed Palestinian nationality before 15 May 1948 and was a regular resident in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan between 20 December 1949 and 16 February 1954;
(3)Any person whose father holds Jordanian nationality;
(4)Any person born in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan of a mother holding Jordanian nationality and of a father of unknown nationality or of a Stateless father or whose filiation is not established;
(5)Any person born in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan of unknown parents, as a foundling in the Kingdom shall be considered born in the Kingdom pending evidence to the contrary;
(6)All members of the Bedouin tribes of the North mentioned in paragraph (j) of article 25 of the Provisional Election Law, No. 24 of 1960, who were effectively living in the territories annexed to the Kingdom in 1930."

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